This is a basic rundown detailing how I work, and the role of my client during the creative process. This scenario assumes that the client has requested a pencilled original along with a high resolution color file. (Note: I no longer offer inks.)

-To begin the process, you will give a detailed description of the piece you would like to commission. Pricing is based on what you request, and will most likely be upwards of $60.

-Once I have recieved your down-payment (usually half the total commission cost), I will draw-up a small sketch (called a thumbnail). This sketch will be very rough. It is intended to show the basic posing/positioning of the figure(s). I will email you a scan of the thumbnail sketch.

-After you have approved the thumbnail, I will begin on the pencils. Upon completing the pencil stage, I will send you a scan of the original and ask about any color preferences you may have.

-When the colors are complete I will send you a small .JPG color file (as proof that the piece has been completed). I will then wait for any remaining payment to arrive before mailing-off your package and releasing the full-size color file.

I can be contacted at the email address that is on the upper-right of my website.

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