Name: Heather Martin
Occupation: Freelance Illustrator and Colorist
Location: Rocky Mountains

I do not remember when I began drawing, but according to Mom and Dad I started scribbling when I was very young. It started as a fun pasttime, grew into a hobby, and has matured into a career. I am currently a freelancer, and mostly work with my husband Jason. You can view our artistic teamwork at Artplaymix.com (our online illustration portfolio).

Although I adore coloring Jason's exquisite linework, I still get the urge to pick up the pencil myself every now and again. I experimented with a couple of art auctions on eBay some time ago, and (to my delight) found that people were interested to commission me! Since then I have been creating artwork for clients whenever my schedule allows. I launched COVETED in January 2004 as a showcase for the illustrations I create.

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